As you have no knowledge of the way of the wind, or of the growth of the bones in the body of her who is with child, even so you have no knowledge of the works of God who has made all.

In the morning put your seed into the earth, and till the evening let not your hand be at rest; because you are not certain which will do well, this or that--or if the two will be equally good.

Truly the light is sweet, and it is good for the eyes to see the sun.

But even if a man's life is long and he has joy in all his years, let him keep in mind the dark days, because they will be great in number. Whatever may come is to no purpose.

Have joy, O young man, while you are young; and let your heart be glad in the days of your strength, and go in the ways of your heart, and in the desire of your eyes; but be certain that for all these things God will be your judge.

So put away trouble from your heart, and sorrow from your flesh; because the early years and the best years are to no purpose.

(Ecclesiastes 11:5-10)

바람의 길이 어떠함과 아이  자의 태에서 뼈가 어떻게 자라는 것을 네가 알지 못함 같이 만사를 성취하시는하나님의 일을 네가 알지 못하느니라

너는 아침에 씨를 뿌리고 저녁에도 손을 거두지 말라 이것이  될는지저것이  될는지 둘이   될는지 알지 못함이니라

빛은 실로 아름다운 것이라 눈으로 해를 보는 것이 즐거운 일이로다

사람이 여러 해를 살면 항상 즐거워할지로다 그러나 캄캄한 날이 많으리니  날을 생각할지로다 장래 일은 헛되도다

청년이여  어린 때를 즐거워하며  청년의 날을 마음에 기뻐하여 마음에 원하는 길과  눈이 보는 대로좇아 행하라 그러나 하나님이  모든 일로 인하여 너를 심판하실  알라

그런즉 근심으로  마음에서 떠나게 하며 악으로  몸에서 물러가게 하라 어릴 때와 청년의 때가  헛되니라